Ahoy, matey’s!

Ahoy matey’s! You’ve found your goody self on my Pirates of the Caribbean fan site! You have good taste, you goody-two shoes. Or goody-one shoe, for those with one leg. You could also be a goody-no shoes, if you don’t have any legs. If you have not caught the message, that while paragraph was just […]

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2 Theories: Davy Jones is not dead

Ahoy, maties! This is a copied post of my first POTC theory, Davy Jones is not dead, except I added stuff, because there were stuff that I forgot to put on the post.

Also, I should clear out that I posted two theories on the first post. I just wanted to clear that out so when people read (or re-read) my post, they won’t be confused.

Thank you, and remember to follow the stars.

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Site updates!

Ahoy, mateys! I noticed that I haven’t blogged here a while lot this year, so I’m deciding to upload date my site. While I’m not doing anything like updating this blog into a .com, I am, however, doing other stuff: I’m changing the site title: I don’t know why, but I’m Starting to get a […]

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